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Team of BI experts

Our team has been carefully and strategically put together to cover the full spectrum of skills and expertise essential for achieving success in the realm of business intelligence. In the dynamic and ever-evolving field of business intelligence, having a diverse set of skills is paramount.


Typically, for a company to cover this broad array of expertise, it would necessitate the hiring of 3 to 4 different specialists, each with their own niche in the business intelligence landscape. This can lead to increased costs, complexity in coordination, and potential delays in project execution.


Our team is complete in its composition. We boast a comprehensive lineup of professionals, each specializing in a critical area. We have 4 main roles which you can read about below.

Business Intelligence Architects

Experts in data extraction/integration and the brains that makes any setup fit your needs on a grand scale. Is the escalation point of contact in terms of technical challenges & supporting the other technical roles.


Experts in Power BI Semantic Models development & data modeling in SQL on data warehouses. Talented in translating business requirements into KPI/metric definitions and self-service Power BI Semantic Models.


Experts in visualizing data in creative ways and in making Power BI Reports look professional. The Analytics Engineer role may overlap with this role.

KAM/Project Managers

Experts in agile project management & in making sure milestones are reached and communicated. Is the escalation point of contact in terms of project progress & contractual/collaboration challenges.

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