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Flexible pricing model

As for the pricing model, it's structured to guarantee a set

number of hours allocated to our team of experts. This model is

adaptable, allowing adjustments in reservation levels on a monthly

basis. Regardless of the reservation level, you'll have access to our

entire team mix.

This means you can tap into our architects' expertise precisely

when needed, have analytical engineers + report developers

undertake the majority of the work, and benefit from professional

project management throughout. Moreover, it ensures access to critical advisory and training.


We are inspired by our experience with companies that offer services that are similar to our concept. A common issue with these services is the lock-in effect: you're often tied to their solution without a viable exit strategy.


Should you decide to bring your operations in-house or switch to a different partner, you typically retain only the data, not the valuable business logic and code that has been developed through hard work.


With us, you own 100% of the built solution and can therefore easily in-source the setup at your convenience.

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