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What you get

DeltaFact provides a sustainable alternative compared to the traditional consulting firms and the hassle of hiring internal business intelligence (BI) staff. BI is an essential, ongoing aspect of your business, critical for staying ahead in the fast-paced digital era. We understand the challenges of finding and keeping BI talent, which is why we offer our outsourcing model to bridge this gap.

Consider us an extended part of your team. Our approach is designed to mitigate the risk of being overly reliant on specific individuals, allowing your business intelligence capabilities to persistently evolve and flexibly meet the changing demands of your business. We're here for the long haul, offering support and the knowledge to continuously meet your business requirements.

Our focus on incremental deployment and lightweight solutions facilitate swift implementation of changes, enabling companies to quickly leverage and derive value in manageable increments, steering clear of disruptive 'big bang' go-live strategies.

Our outsourcing model builds on three key parts, designed to work together seamlessly. You can read about them below.


We deliver a lightweight, feature-complete solution built on Microsoft technology, sidestepping the heavy complexities typically associated with data warehouse and data lakehouse architectures.


We have a clear, straightforward, pricing model, built for long-term partnerships and minimal implementation risk. You will own 100% of the built solution - we will not capture you in any proprietary software or lock-in strategies.


You'll gain access to our carefully selected team of experts, designed to support all aspects of a professional business intelligence operation. Our goal is to complement your existing skills by working closely with your staff.

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